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Friday, January 27, 2012

Christmas gifts for Artie

Can we go for a walk now??

This is our son Tony and his partner Georgia's, French Bulldog Artie. He is one year old and so fabulous. I call him our Granddog. We love to dog sit him and we looked after him for over one month last October while their band performed in Toronto on a National TV program. You can read about it on my main blog here if you like.

I made him a couple of jackets for Christmas and designed this pattern to fit him by sketching the shape first and measuring him in all different directions and adding overlaps for the velcro in front across the chest and on his underside. I made the overlaps with velcro as large circles on the fleece one so they add a bit of warmth in those areas. They fit really well. I bought the batman fleece first and made it reversible with the same fabric on both sides and the large Batman logo in the middle back. We were supposed to have a cold winter so I thought it would keep him warm.

The other fabric I was delighted to find in my favorite second hand shop and the two pieces of fabric were both in the same bag. There was the waterproof green fabric and the red Georgia bulldog fabric (how perfect was that for Georgia's bulldog) that I lined it to make it reversible. I also bought the strip of iridescent iron on fabric that shows up so well with the flash and great for night walks. Georgia and Tony were pleased with these and Artie is getting used to the velcro closures so that is great.


  1. How cute - and how uber cool does he look in the Batman one - and it looks like he knows it.

    1. LOL, I think you are right!! Thank you so much for looking!