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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Waterfall Shrug for a Formal Evening on our Cruise

This is a photo of my handsome husband John and me during a formal evening on a cruise. Before we went on our cruise around the Hawaiian Islands for our 40th Anniversary I did a lot of sewing. I didn't make this dress but I made the sheer, sparkly olive top. I used an old shrug style pattern for a top for a dress that had a short rounded bolero style front but added a waterfall front by just extending the pattern across the front and taking it down to a point. I rolled and hand stitched all of the seams because I didn't think I would like a stitched effect that might pull the fabric. I really liked this top and enjoyed wearing it because I'm really not fond of my bare arms. When we ballroom danced it kept flying over my shoulder when John had me do a turn so I was able to tie it at the front which was very handy. Hopefully if the dress still fits after the cruise, LOL, I will wear it again for New Years.